Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recipe for ground pork –Fried bread with ground pork spread

Easy recipe for ground pork to cook as a snack or appetizer for your party.  Although the original recipe used ground pork as a spread, you can substitute with any ground meat-chicken, meat, etc. This fried bread with ground pork spread  (Ka-Nom-Pang-Naa-Muu) is an easy-to-cook snack that even children can cook by their own or under parents guidance.

Fried bread with ground pork spread
5 Bread, cut into piceses
1 cup Ground pork
2 Eggs
2 tbs. Garlic
2 ts. Coriander root
2 ts. Pepper
2 tbs. Soy sauce
  1. Crush or grind garlic, coriander root, and pepper thoroughly
  2. Mix 1. With ground pork,  soy sauce, and egg, Stir until sticky.
  3. Spread 2. Over the breads. Press until the spread stick with the bread.
  4. Add some cooking oil into the wok or pan. Using medium temperature fried the breads (facing down) until cooked. Turnover and  continue frying until the bread is yellow brown
  5. Serve with ajad (cucumber and onion in vinegar) 
The trick of this recipe for ground pork is to use the overnight bread, not the fresh one. The bread that left for days in a refrigerator would be the best. You can also use French bread and sliced with 1½ cm. (about half an inch).


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