Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thai steamed egg (Kai toon)

I'm a little bit busy that I almost forgot to post. Just try to figure out what blog can do. This is my first blog you know!

Anyway, here I am with another yummy egg dish. Steam egg is the dish we found in many Asian cuisine, like Japanese and Thai. It’s easy to cook. The taste is mild so you can serve it as a side dish to reduced spicy taste of other dishes. Since the taste is not so spicy, lots of family cooked this yummy egg  dish for their kids.

Thai steamed egg, yummy egg recipe
Thai steamed egg
 2 Eggs                        
2 cups Chicken stock            
½ tbs. Seasoning sauce         .
½ tbs. Soy sauce
Pounded pepper

Crack the egg and whisk with spoon. You should not use a fork or a whisk because they would create too much bubble. Add chicken stock, seasoning sauce and soy sauce, pounded pepper. Pour into steaming utensil. Steam with low temperature until it cooked.   

If you need a yummy smooth texture steam egg, just filter the egg with a sieve before you steam. You can also add some ingredient to make it more palatable, ie. ground pork, or top them before or after you steam it with shrimp, bacon, chili, etc.


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