Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thai omelet (Kai Jeaw)

This is one of the most basic Thai food along with spicy grond chicken with holy basil. An authentic and easy omelet. Westerner usually eat omelet as a breakfast. In Thai we eat it anytime we hungry- breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you come to Thailand, you can find a lot of Thai street food selling rice with Thai omelets. It’s easy and cheap. Kind of Thai fast food in my point of view. 

Kai Jaew, an easy omelet
Thai Omelet
2 Eggs
½ cup Vegetable Oil                     
1-2 tbs. Fish sauce (or soy sauce) 
Crack the eggs, add with a little fish sauce or soy sauce and beat the egg mixture together with a fork or a whisk. Put the oil in to the wok. (You should use iron wok or some deep pan) and set it on the stove. Heat the oil till it’s really hot (Get a thin smoke from the oil). Pour the egg into the wok. Do not scramble it, just wait until it’s cook then turn the egg upside down using the flipper or spade of frying pan. Wait until another side is also cook. Then eat with rice.

You can eat omelet alone or with chili sauce, ie. Sriracha sauce, ketchup, or fish sauce mixed with Thai paprika. Also you can put many ingredients in this authentic Thai recipe to make it tastier. For example I myself prefer omelet with onion and chili. Some of my friend love omelet with ground pork. Some may love omelet with pickle radish and topping with basil. Some mixed omelet with tomato, cheese, chopped spring onion, etc. Just use your immagination. 

If you want a crispy Thai omelet which is a favorite for many Thais, you should use a pot (yeah…a pot) instead of a wok, heat the oil till it really hot, pour the egg at least a foot above the oil through a sieve. It would be a crispy one.  

If you love cooking authentic Thai food like this easy omelet, I would recommend you to buy some ingredients that used a lot in Thai cuisine, like fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, seasonning souce, etc. In this recipes we use fish sacuce. I don't know which brand is the most popular in others countries, but in Thai the most renowned brand are Tiparos and Squid. You can buy fish sauce from Amazon.com down here. 

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