Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thai dehydrated fruit recipe-dried candied mango

Dried candied mango is a common dehydrated fruit recipe for Thais. If you are a fruit lover, Thailand should be your paradise. We have so many types of tropical fruit- banana, mangosteen, rambutan, durian- you name it! Their price also so cheap compare to prices in the western or in some countries. I heard that other countries sell mango by unit, right? In Thailand, most of fruits usually sell by weight! Mango is another local fruit.  Sometime in the plentiful seasons there left some surplus, so Thai preserve them by making dried candies mango. It is easy to make but take a lot of energy. If you wan to try, here is the recipe.

Thai dehydrated fruit recipe-dried candied mango
Dried candied mango

6 and 1/2 cups Mango, thoroughly chopped 
1 ts. Salt
  1. Mix mango and salt in a wok and stir with medium heat for about 1 hrs. Take it out and leave the mixture for cooling down. 
  2. Spread plastic wrap on the table. Put the mixture for 1 and 1/2 tbs. each and use the back of the spoon to spread it over the plastic wrap.
  3. Dry in the sun for 5-6 hours
  4. Turn the upside down and continue dry them for another 2-3 hours. 
  5. Keep the dried candied mango in a jar.
You can also add some Thai paprika to make them more tasty and eat them as a snack.

Although I know that mango is hard for many of you to find (plus the price is so high), I post this dehydrated fruit recipe because I think you can adapt your local fruit with this recipe. I would love to try strawberry (or other berries) with this preserving food technic.


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