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Cooking with fish sauce- Squid brand review

Cooking with fish sauce will give you the best result if you know how to use the proper fish sauce for specific recipe. As mention in Tiparos review, another brand of fish sauce I use is Squid. This brand can get along with any recipes. I will quote a poll from a famous cooking webboard of Thailand that votes this brand as the second best fish sauce. It was written in Thai, so I will translate some of the poll for your understanding. The topic is asking which brand of fish sauce is the greatest in both taste and aroma. 27.56% chose Tiparos (in Thai ทิพรส), follow by Squid brand (20.47%). (Squid in Thai is ปลาหมึก, the ปากหมึก was typo)
Squid brand fish sauce review
Fish Sauce
Not much fish sauce reviews state that what the brand is good for. I’ll tell you. The flavor of Squid brand is richer than Tiparos because it has not added water, make Squid more “full body”. More anchovy flavor, more umami. The aroma is also more fishy, hence it would be a perfect one for frying, Thai salad, or common dipping like Nam Pla Prig. Since the aroma of Squid is stronger than that of Tiparos, I prefer not to used it for any dished that has mild smell like steamed egg or dishes that need the flagrance of the herbs.

Beside Thai cuisine cooking with fish sauce can get along with pasta cooking and many Western dishes. Some people use this brand as an anchovy substitute. A good fish sauce like Squid with rice vermicelli, chopped chili, grounded dried shrimp, and lime juice is a wonderful meal in a hurry. (I just had it about 2 days ago!)

Hey, Squid is also packed in glass, not plastic. That’s really great! The cap of the bottle has a spout that lets you apply it in drops. It looks neat with a squid molded on the bottle of the fish sauce. Reviews often state about this point. A minor thing, but it is worth to mention.

You should avoid cooking with fish sauce brands that contain hydrolyzed wheat protein which has been broken down into amino acids. The acid was the original source for MSG. I would not state the name of the brands, you just find them yourself. Luckily, the Squid and Tiparos are naturally fermented fish sauces, no MSG.

You may ask where to buy fish sauce. I think an Asian store in your location should have the Squid brand. Otherwise you can buy it from (with further reviews from customers) via the links below which have all the size of Squid brand for you to choose. They also offer you free super saver shipping. Just pick one and enjoy your cooking with fish sauce for your next meal!

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