Sunday, June 10, 2012

White prawn baked with glass noodles in casserole (Kung Ob Woonsen)

The first one of glass noodles recipes. This one is my girlfriend’s favorite. She usually cooked this dish because it’s easy (Another reason is that she really love glass noodle!), so she taught me how to cook. Now it’s also one of my favorite. You can use casserole or just a pot for baking.

Glass noodles recipes: White prawn baked with glass noodle in casserole
White prawn baked with glass noodles in casserole
3-4 White prawn 300-400 g.         
100 g. Glass noodles                                                         
2 Bacon                                    
4-5 Slice ginger                                  
2 cloves Garlic, crushed                        
2/3 cup Chicken stock                        
2 tbs. Oyster sauce                             
2 tbs. Soy sauce                                
1 ts. Sugar                                        
1 tbs. Pepper                                     
Celery for topping

Lay bacon down in the casserole. Put pepper, crushed garlic, slice ginger over the bacon

Boil glass noodles till it’s cooked then bring it out of the boiling water. Put white prawn over the bacon and spicy, then lay down the glass noodles over the prawn.

Mix oyster sauce with soy sauce and sugar. Pour the mixed sauce into the casserole. Close the casserole lid and put the casserole  on the oven or in the stove for about 5 minutes. Open the lid and stir the ingredient then bake it for another 1-2 minutes.

You can eat this dish with most common Thai sauce-chili and fish sauce (I will tell you how to make it later), Thai seafood sauce or Worcester sauce. It’s really easy.

You can buy most of the ingredients from below this post. For glass noodle I usually use Kaset Brand and I'm glad that amazon has it. About sauces, Oyster and soy sauce, I prefer Healthy Boy Brand and Maekrua Brand. You can either used light soy sauce or soy sauce with mushroom.


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