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Thai panang curry recipe- Chicken Panang curry

Here is the Thai Panang curry recipe. I have read Yahoo!answer asking about any Thai food that is not too spicy. This is an example of Thai dish that is sweet and mild, not so spicy. Thai panang curry recipe is another curry with coconut milk. You may wonder if there are any curry without coconut milk. Well, there are. I will post some of the recipes later. 
Thai panang curry recipe
Chicken panang curry
 300 g
. Chicken, sliced
2 cups Coconut milk
2 tbs. Oil
2 tbs. Panang curry paste
2 Goat pepper, sliced
1 tbs. Sugar
1 tbs. Fish sauce
2 Kaffir lime leaf
3 tbs. Peanut, roasted and grilled until powdered
Shredded kaffir leaves, and sweet basil leaves for topping

1. Heat the oven and boil sliced chiken with 1 cup of coconut milk until it cooked.
2. Fried Panang curry paste with ½ cup of coconut milk in the pan. Add powdered peanut, boiled chicken, sugar, and fish sauce.
3. Add ½ cup of coconut milk.
3. Add shredded kaffir leaves, goat pepper. Top with sliced goat peper, sweet basil leaves and shredded kaffir leaf.

Serve with hot jasmine rice. Although the name is curry, panang curry is not soupy like red/green curry or masman. It should be dry like the picture above. Since panang is the mild Thai curry, many who are not familiar with Thai food should be introduced with this dish.

The trick in cooking Thai panang curry recipe or any Thai curry recipes is to fried curry pastes with coconut milk (or oil) until the curry pastes mix thoroughly with coconut milk and the coconut milk (or oil) turns red (or green) in accord with the pastes. This cooking stage is called "Tak Mun" in Thai.

The problem with many Thai curries are the curry pastes. For convenience, you can use pre-prepared curry paste. I've review Mae Ploy Panang curry paste in this blog under the shop thai ingredients label.


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