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Mae Ploy curry paste-Panang

Mae Ploy curry paste is the brand under the Theppadungporn Group, a manufacturer for many Thai food ingredients. The name of the brand is a leading character in a Thai famous novel. For many Thais, Mae Ploy represented a Thai lady who well trained in both manners and Thai cuisine. Hence Theppadungporn Group use this name as a brand name for Thai chili pastes.
Mae Ploy curry paste Panang review
Mae Ploy curry paste-Panang
Most Thais usually buy curry pastes from a fresh market or supermarket near their houses. My mom does too. Even we are Thais, it takes time to chopped, sliced, pond etc. all the ingredients to make a curry pastes.Plus, if you are a foreigner, finding all the ingredients to make curry pastes might be a hard work if you have not live near any South East Asian stores. A pre-prepared products like Mae Ploy will be a time saver for you. (and for me!)

Mae Ploy curry paste for Panang also made in Thailand. As you all know, it is best to purchase a product from Thailand for use in Thai dishes. I know that most of the pre-prepared product always taste like they're lacking something, but for Mae Ploy curry pastes, the exact opposite is true. I found that this is the most closest to the authentic Thai Panang curry paste. I have read some review in the Amazon.com said it is too spicy for his/her tongue, but this is the real one! If you find that it is too spicy, just lower down the quantity of curry paste in your ingredient and/or add some more coconut milk. 
This brand is all natural. No chemical, preservatives, or artificial ingredients; just real, natural, flavorful ingredients. The Mae Ploy curry paste for Panang also contains shrimp paste while some brand ie, Mae Sri panang curry paste, does not. However this may be a drawback for some of you who are vegetarians. In that case, just used Mae Sri, a second best of curry paste in my point of view.

I use Mae Ploy curry paste for other Thai dishes, not just Panang. For example fried fish with Panang sauce. Just experiment in your regular everyday cooking.  This curry paste can surely added exciting to many dishes.

Even with no preservatives, this pre-prepared pastes seems to last indefinitely. I've kept it in the fridge for months with no molding or spoilage. The curry paste is vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag and placed inside a plastic container with a snap-tight lid. However, this may be a little disadvantage for you since some say that this makes it very difficult to measure the pastes from. The container has direction on the side, really easy to use. Just follow the instructions and you can have a good real Thai Panang for your meal.

You can buy Mae Ploy curry paste for Panang from any South East Asian store near your house or order from Amazon.com via the links below. The first two also offer free super saver shipping. This is a must-have for Thai Panang lover!   

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