Monday, August 13, 2012

A good chicken marinade for grilling Thai-style grilled chicken

The problem with grilled chicken is how to make a good chicken marinade for grilling. Here is the recipe.

Thai-style grilled chicken
Thai-style grilled chicken
1 Chicken (about 2.5 kg. or 5.5 pounds)
2 Tangerines, cut into a half
2 tbs. Salt
2 tbs. Coriander root, garlic, and pepper, crushed
6 tbs. Soy sauce
¾ cup Beer

  1. Scrub chicken with tangerines to get rid of fishy smell
  2. Scrub chicken with salt
  3. Mixed all the left ingredients to make a good chicken marinade. For grilling, marinade chicken at least 2 hours and grill with low temperature until cooked. You can use a BBQ oven.
This dish is another favorite for many Thais. Thai-style grill chicken can get along very well with sticky rice and Somtam (Papaya salad). You can use sweet and sour sauce or just fish sauce with lime juice and bird's eye chili (or Thai paprika) as dipping. Most street food shop grill chicken until dry, but that’s depend on your preference.

Now you know a good chicken marinade for grilling Thai-style chicken, why don’t you have this dish as a supper with you family for this weekend!


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