Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dehydrated lime juice-OJ lime juice review

OJ lime juice is a dehydrated lime juice made by Thai factory. I’ll be frank to you, if I have option, I prefer the fresh lime to the dehydrated lime juice because the fresh one have a better lime aroma beside the taste. Anyway for those of you who have some difficult finding lime or lemon, this is your solution.
Dehydrate lime juice-OJ lime juice review
OJ Lime Juice
I use OJ sometime in the past when it was hard to find any lime or lemon. OJ is intense and more acidic but less bitter than actual lime. You can use this dehydrated lime juice to make some bakeries, such as pie or cake, beside Thai dishes. Since lots of Thai recipes need lime, you can use this product as a substitute ingredient for fresh lime juice. Just dilute the powder with water as instructed on the package and stir. It is easy and convenient.

OJ can also be used to make drink. I love a cold sour drink especially in the hot day. Just dilute the powder with water, add some sugar or syrup, and, lastly, some ice cubes. What more?

A pack of OJ equal about 6 lime fruits. With the intense of concentration in OJ dehydrated lime juice, you do not need to use to much of it. That means one pack of OJ can be used for period of time, hence you don’t have to buy it so often. Just keep it in the refrigerator and it can stay good for at least a year. (It has on preservative in the ingredients). Another way to save your money, even though the price of OJ is not so expensive compare to the others dehydrated lime juice brands in the market.

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