Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thai calamari recipe -Spicy calamari salad

Thai calamari salad or Yum-Pla-Mueak is really easy to cook. Thais usually eat this dish as a food with alcohol drinks. You can cook this dish as a meal eating with rice.
Thai calamari recipe -Spicy calamari salad
Thai calamari recipe -Spicy calamari salad
1 Squid (about 300-400 g.), sliced
3 Shallot, sliced
¼ cup Onion, sliced
¼ cup Celery, sliced
1 tbs. Bird eye’s chilli, thoroughly chopped
1 ½ Sriracha sauce
3 ½ tbs. Lime juice or lemon juice.
1 tbs. Fish sauce
1 ts. Sugar

  1. Boil the sliced squid about 1 minute. Take out.
  2. Mix sugar, Sriracha sauce, lime juice, fish sauce. Stir until sugar diluted. Add bird eye’s chilli.
  3. Mix the dressing with squid. Add celery, shallot and onion. Stir.
  4. Serve. 




  1. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I just wish we had a good supplier of squid around here, lol.

    Best wishes,